Le Grand Bain : Aimable, Hirsute

Aimable (FR)
Aimable is a one-man band that plays and sings about the absurdity of life.

Hirsute (FR)
HIRSUTE is the meeting of a "GrotesK" bass player and an "afro-contemporary" dancer. Intermingling their worlds, this adopted duo from Dijon offers a bitter-sweet, rough, stirring and vibrant music.
Post Punk and Cold Wave influences, rhythmics and bass lines mix with the sounds of electronic layers of vintage 80's synths, like a bridge between Joy Division, The Fall and Depeche Mode. HIRSUTE's music then takes flight on funny lyrics, carried by a voice both feverish and furious, the simplicity of the repetitions transports us into the inner world of beings facing the troubles of the closed door where the banal and wobbly daily life becomes nourishing.


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15/06/2023 at 7pm

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