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Minimal (FR - Dijon)
A rapper from Dijon originally from the Ivory Coast, Minimal arrived in France at the age of 2 with her adoptive family. She started taking singing lessons as a child and discovered that singing would become her means of expression. Curious and passionate, Minimal writes, raps, sings her story and narrates the world around her by posting videos on Instagram. In 2022 she released her 1st mixtape on bandcamp thanks to La Souterraine and the Let's GoGoGo label. This 1st project, Racines, sometimes perceived as shaky or out of the ordinary, is for her a salute to life, the result of years of listening, reflecting on the love of hip-hop and sharing this music.

Track (FR)
Track started out in music under the influence of rap music in the 2000s. Self-taught from the start, he recorded his first tracks in his home studio and took advantage of the rise of the internet to distribute them. His taste for rap and melody enabled him to develop his own style, tackling themes such as human relationships. These live experiences led him to perfect his skills and share his music with the public.


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