Le Palais Hanté d’Edgar Allan Poe | The Tiger Lillies

Adapted from the world of Edgar Allan Poe, The Haunted Palace by London trio Tiger Lillies is a free wander through the memories and obsessions of the author of Extraordinary Stories. A show that alternates between macabre poetry, sarcasm and joyful thrills.

What if the dreams that populate a writer's brain suddenly came to life in the form of a castle with secret rooms? Or rather a box with multiple, retractable bottoms, in a setting that is part cabaret, part cabinet of illusions and part anatomy theatre? By freely adapting the world of Edgar Allan Poe, the Tiger Lillies trio have created an original narrative, offering a musical and poetic journey into the tormented labyrinth of the American author's soul. Each room in the Haunted Palace is a rendezvous with a part of Poe's mental landscape, conjuring up the key figures in his work, between romanticism, sarcasm, fantasy and black humour.


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18/10/2023 and 19/10/2023

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