Anne Briset is a percussionist equally at home in the symphony orchestra and in contemporary creation, notably with the Geneva-based ensembles Eklekto and Batida. Her research has led her to constantly rethink the way she plays her instruments, from keyboard percussion to skins, woodwinds and metals, right through to new electronically enhanced instruments.

In recent years, Anne Briset has also taken on a completely different type of instrument: the double bass. For Proscaenium, she explores the timpani, an instrument traditionally associated with the orchestra but rarely used by soloists. In Traces XVIII, Martin Matalon adds an electronic device that blurs the perception of sound, between reality and virtuality; and Jean-Pierre Drouet's Qui? is a perpetual action of the voice, hands and feet.

As part of the Souffle festival


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Sunday 11/02/2024 at 8pm

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