Roméo Elvis, Morgan

Roméo Elvis (BE)
Roméo Elvis has become a key figure on the French-language hip-hop scene and one of Belgium's most streamed artists. Over the years, he has succeeded in creating and consolidating a special bond with his audience through various musical projects: the "Morale" trilogy with Le Motel, his first solo album "Chocolat", the EP confiné Maison and the album "Tout Peut Arriver".
In 2023, Roméo Elvis takes a new turn with his new project: a 9-track EP entitled "Les galeries". On this project, Roméo returns to the distinctive characteristics that have made him so popular and recognised by the general public: astonishing structures, energetic rap and a highly recognisable flow all his own. To produce it, he enlisted the help of producers Vynk, Phasm, Lucci, Seezy and Prinzly, who brought a fresh perspective to the project.

Morgan (BE)
"Producer and purveyor of good vibes within the Brussels collective Le 77, Morgan invented a parallel world for himself shortly after the implosion of his group. While his colleague Peet pursues a hip-hop vein, Morgan indulges in ultra-cool urban pop, a touch melancholy and always romantic". (


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Friday 23/02/2024 at 8.30pm

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