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Edgar la nuit (FR)
Influenced by French chanson, 2000s pop and Eurodance, Edgar la nuit creates a dark, hard-hitting and liberating electro-pop universe. Marked by a strong theatrical influence, it places the text and the voice at the centre. The melancholy contrasts with the energy and carefree attitude of the party. Edgar spits out our sorrows, our doubts, our dreams ... to catchy, heady rhythms. It's "dancing on unhappiness" in an electronic cabaret where bodies move, meet and free themselves with a single goal: to be fully oneself.

Chipo (FR)
Rapper with a wig, straight cis man, Chipo is a self-proclaimed "aunt of all ugly machos". The approach? To arrive as a bomb to shock and excite everyone without a rap and pop aesthetic on the original productions of the beatmaker named Macho. Chipo uses and shakes up clichés to question the hegemonic masculinity, all with off-beat, enthusiasm, but also a lot of seriousness, in an assumed profeminist and anti-patriarchal commitment.


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03/06/2023 at 20:30

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