FRIDAY 19.05 | 19H - CONCERT

The music of this wild trio is in an experimental vein. Mixing free jazz and noise music, minimalist music and repetitive rock, they create a trance between siren songs, distorted bass and hammer drums. The body is then carried away by synthetic layers of sound, supported by haunted machine sounds.

?? RATES: 4€ / 7€ / 10€.
In 2023, for season #2, we are introducing a "solidarity pricing". From now on, the public will be able to choose between 3 tariffs (4€, 7€ and 10€), according to their means and without any particular conditions.
La Cantine du Maquis is the happy marriage of cuisine prepared with passion and drinks chosen with love.
Small dishes to share with friends, in the evening, on Friday and Saturday (mezzé, tapas, falafels...) and a more copious menu on Sunday lunchtime.
?? You can find the first part of the 2023 summer agenda on
?? Lock 51S - LAC KIR - DIJON
?? 10 minutes from the Cité de la Gastronomie in Dijon
??? Parking Tennis/Base Nautique du Lac Kir then 10 minutes on foot towards Plombières-les-Dijon


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