8ème biennale d’art singulier

The regional biennial of singular art organised by the Itinéraires Singuliers association is back for its 8th edition in Dijon and the BFC region!

The culmination of a number of projects run by the Arts, Culture, Health and Disability Resource Centre, the biennial event is a special time for solidarity, held every even-numbered year around a theme, a retrospective of singular art and projects designed to promote and develop a singular arts policy. Institutional, eclectic and multi-facetted venues are used to reach out to a wider audience and reduce the stigma attached to all forms of disability. Itinéraires Singuliers therefore opens up its artistic and cultural approach to all those (professionals or not) who, in an original, sensitive and lively way, try, through their actions or artistic creations, to speak without victimisation about human fractures.

Exhibitions, shows, screenings, workshops, meetings... will once again punctuate this new event in Dijon and the Burgundy-Franche-Comté region, on the theme of "Exceeding boundaries".

--> Full biennial programme at: www.itinerairessinguliers.com


  • Exhibition
  • Festival
  • Music
  • Screening
  • Dinner Show
  • Course / Workshop
  • Guided tours
  • Art and shows
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Sculpture
  • Theatre
  • Video
  • Concert


From 11 April to 02 June 2024