Les secrets des rues de Dijon

Departing from the Tourist Office, our captivating tour takes you through the picturesque streets and alleyways of Dijon city centre for a total immersion in the city's history. Immerse yourself in a fascinating journey where each street carries echoes of the past, revealing the well-kept secrets of Dijon's charming city.
The aim of this unique tour is to lift the veil on the origin of the street names, revealing the many facets of Dijon's history in a fun and captivating way. As they explore the cobbled streets and bustling avenues, visitors will have the chance to step back in time, discovering anecdotes, legends and historical events that have shaped the city over the centuries.
Through this enriching experience, you'll realise that each street, each name, is a window onto the past, an invitation to travel back in time and understand the evolution of Dijon. Because behind the simple wording of a street often lies a fascinating story, bearing witness to the vibrant history of a town or village.
Join us for a unique urban adventure, where the present blends harmoniously with the past, and every street corner reveals a new page in the captivating book of Dijon's history. Come and discover the magic behind Dijon's street names and let yourself be carried away by this captivating exploration of the heart of the Burgundian city.


  • Guided tours
  • Culture and tradition
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Type Min. Max.
Base rate 12€
Reduced rate 6€
Child rate 6€


April: 11 at 2.30pm
In May: 1st and 7th at 2.30pm
June: 16 at 2.30pm
July: 12 and 27 at 2.30pm
August: 10 and 19 at 2.30pm
September: 14 at 2.30pm
October: 12th at 2.30pm