Age of Content

Age of Content, by the collective (LA)HORDE, resonates intimately with the times, questioning the effect on bodies of increasingly virtual existences: a work that is both virtuoso and fragile, exploring the boundaries between worlds.

In Age of Content, (LA)HORDE examines the physical and emotional experience of our bodies in a daily life that is constantly tempted by other digital possibilities: social networks, avatars, virtual worlds... Age of Content uses dance to explore these multiple existences in worlds of abolished space-time where we are given, in turn, the opportunity to live, survive, confront, fight, flee, desire or love. Borrowing its codes from fields as diverse as musicals, cinema stunts, TikTok and video games, Age of Content experiments with the reality of the virtual by subjecting it to the concrete test of the stage, in a double movement of vertigo and emancipation.


  • Dance
  • Art and shows
  • Other cultural theme


21 November 2023 at 8pm

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