Générations- battle of portraits

First there was Jean. Elegant and discreet, emaciated but solid, he is still dancing at over 70.
Then there was Hugues: an ebullient young man, barely 24 years old, who enters life with daring.
Fabrice Ramalingom met them in the course of his choreographic projects Postural: études for Jean and Wild blossom for Hugues. After charting a course with both of them, the choreographer, right in the middle between the two ages, no longer old but no longer young, brought the two men together for an intergenerational encounter. Jean and Hugues confront each other in a battle without hatred, a circle where each has to offer the best of his dance.
Générations, battle of portraits highlights the passage of time on our bodies and asks: how do we live with who we are? How do we accept that we are no longer, or not yet? How do you win? What does it mean to lose?


  • Dance
  • Art and shows


Tuesday 20 February 2024 at 16:00
Wednesday 21 February 2024 at 10.00am

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