L’Ange pas sage

Angel: eternal child, celestial clown, draught and spirit.

Forced landing, shrill noise, crash, light and dust.
The angel appears face down, crushed, buttocks in the air, in a green-scarab coat....
He's a creature like no other: a mysterious dandy in a top hat, the cousin of a plucked chicken, a Vegas dancer, an old woman, a travelling circus tent... If he can't remember what he came to say, he's got more than one trick up his sleeve before he leaves. And while it's also possible for him to fail, let's just say that's the least we can expect from a clown.
L'Ange pas sage is a metaphysical clownery for children, fed from the same breast as the show for grown-ups but lightened of the weight of the adult world. The angel is at home with them. He plays, invents, falls, cries, grows... no fuss.

"Damien Bouvet (cie Voix-Off) is a singular artist who draws on clowning techniques, gestures and objects to create a disconcerting, sensitive, evocative and emotionally charged world. Toute la culture.com


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20 and 21 February 2024 at 2.30pm