Musée des beaux-arts de Dijon

ONE OF THE OLDEST MUSEUMS IN FRANCE At the heart of Burgundy, the Dijon Museum of Fine Arts is one of the oldest in France, as it dates back to the Ancien Régime. The Dukes of Burgundy’s heritage allows it to exhibit uncontested masterpieces of the late Middle Ages. Its encyclopaedic collections, which arising from both the founding period of the Revolution and curiosity of collectors, lead visitors to the most diverse discoveries, from Egyptian art to the 20th Century. The museum is housed in the former Hôtel des Ducs de Bourgogne and the eastern part of the Palace of States. It is an essential testimony to the art and history of Burgundy, from the late Middle Ages to the late 19th Century. In spite of the traditional regularity imposed at the end of 17th Century, the diversity of the Palace’s buildings, built from the 14th to the 19th Centuries, bears testimony to the edifice’s century-spanning history: initially, residence of the Dukes of Burgundy, then home to kings and governors, headquarters of the States, the art school the Museum originates from and finally Town Hall of Dijon. The Hall of Tombs in the medieval mansion and the Hall of States in the palace built under Louis XIV tell the tale of Burgundy’s finest hours, which are embodied in the figures that have left their mark on its history. The Dijon Museum of Fine Arts symbolises these roots through works that are representative of regional artistic creativity, as well as an opening out onto the world thanks to collections in which five continents are represented. With the renovation of the Museum, the 20th Century now has its place in the Palace, through architectural undertakings that assert, and rightly so, its desire to be part of modern life.


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All measures are taken to welcome you in the best conditions:

- The sanitary capacity of the museums is calculated according to the surface area accessible to the public and taking into account the spatial configuration of the premises:

400 people for the Fine Arts Museum, for 6500 m2 ;
30 people for the Rude Museum, for 180 m2 ;
150 people for the Archaeological Museum, for 1600 m2 ;
250 for the Musée de la Vie bourguignonne, for 2000 m2 ;
120 for the Musée d'Art Sacré, for 980 m2.

- A count of visitors at the entrance and exit, with signposting of the route to limit the crossing of flows as much as possible;

- Respect for barrier measures: wearing a mask, disinfectant solution on entry, etc