Exposition « L’appel de la terre » avec les artistes Pepe Doñate et Belin

"La llamada de la tierra / The call of the earth", 2 languages, 2 voices, 2 artists. After hosting a retrospective of the painter Henri Guibal, L'Hostellerie welcomes two new artists to its 3 main rooms, with paintings by the Spanish artist Pepe Doñate and sculptures by the regional artist Belin.

"Pepe Doñate and Belin share a love of the land. One puts his lips to it to intoxicate himself with its flesh and nourish his work with its primary or mineral colours, the other puts his hand to it to hear its cry. One responds to an invitation, the other to a moan, a wail. For Pepe Donate, the unique and singular truth of each person is embodied in his or her pictorial work. With Belin, there is no crushing of uniformity, but proximity and union to finally find the natural slope that will invite us to look ahead for solutions".

?? Exhibition opening Friday 10 November at 6pm


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from 27/09/2023 to 28/01/2024 - from Wednesday to Sunday inclusive from 2pm to 5.30pm

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